Controversial Topic: Promise Rings

Well I hope everyone had a great holiday & break so far! One thing I noticed on instagram, twitter, etc. is promise rings. Are they useless? Are they a good gift for your girl? What do they actually mean? I’ll give you my opinion and I’d love if you would please give me some feedback in the comments.

Promise rings. They are rings that usually the boyfriend in a relationship gives his girl after a period of time of dating. They are suppose to mean that I promise that one day I will marry you. It is like a pre-engagement ring. I believe that as long as you keep that idea in mind that promise rings are perfect! They would make great valentines, Christmas, and birthday presents. Of course, you have to be serious about it though. It can’t just be something you throw out there. It means a lot to a girl. It is actually a pretty big step. You know that their are only two outcomes in a relationship. Either you break up, or you get married. So giving a girl a promise ring is promising her that you will never split up. That you’ll spend the rest of your life together.

Now here is where people get a little flustered. Many people these days don’t know the difference between a true loving relationship and a “fling”. So, they take things too seriously and way too fast. I understand where people are coming from when they say you should be together for quite some time before you receive a promise ring. I have seen on Facebook where girls are getting rings after like a month. And you know what happens? The next month she is in a relationship with a completely different guy. So my advice? Wait, until you know for sure that you want to stay with that person and that you will fight to stay with that person no matter what. It is going to take some time. But (this might sound corny, sorry) you can’t rush into love. Yes, I believe in love at first sight. However, that doesn’t happen to a lot of people.

So are they just useless? I don’t believe so. If you truly mean it and give it to the one person you love, then they are perfect! Most people just don’t like them because they get thrown around nowadays. Also if you are thinking about getting a promise ring or are looking at promise rings, make sure to keep it simple. It is not an engagement ring. Maybe one diamond. But that is it! You don’t want your man spending all of his money! Really simple infinity rings, or garnet rings are my favorites. (Yes I have looked at some, don’t judge) A simple beautiful ring on your hand is just a symbol of a couples love. Don’t go overboard!

So…….keep it simple, don’t go overboard, truly mean it, take your time, don’t rush, think about it, talk about it with your girlfriend/boyfriend, maybe it isn’t for you maybe it is. Who knows. I hope you guys learned something today!

Let me know what you think in the comments 🙂


So much for my White Christmas

I have always wanted to have a white Christmas. I got close a couple years back but it wasn’t what I have always dreamed about.

I was hoping, just hoping, that maybe this year was going to be different. We have had pretty chilly days for the past month. It even snowed a little bit. However, yesterday and today the temperatures have been in the 70s and high 60s. It makes me sad 😦 But I will not let the disappointment of a warm Christmas get in the way of my christmas spirit! I will have a great holiday with or without snow. I have to remind myself that Christmas isn’t all about the presents, the food, or the snow. It is about celebrating the birth of Jesus Christ. 🙂 I hope everyone has a lovely holiday! 

Tell me about how your holiday conditions are! Let me know in the comments 🙂

MERRY CHRISTMAS! (Countdown t-minus 2 days 12 hours 11 minutes 20seconds)


I sincerely despise favoritism. So much. & when it comes to dance, I am not the one to fool around. 

So I am not trying to rat out my dance teacher. She is nice and has good choreography. However, she favors the class below me so much more than my class. It is so obvious too! She doesn’t even try to hide it! For example, their class almost every single person has 2 or more small group dances on top of the 3 or 4 group dances for competition. There is only one girl in my class that has 2 small groups (and it happens to be a duet with one of the girl in the younger class). I believe that is totally unfair. Like we have been here longer & work harder than they do! Grated they are really good dancers, but they still have so much time to dance and do competitions. We don’t!

We had ballet compay auditions this past week and the class below me got to practice the audition dances during their normal ballet class, and we didn’t! They knew the dances better than us because they got more class time to do them! That made pretty much everyone in my class steaming mad. including me! I believe the senior should have the best roles, not eighth graders. My class has agreed that if the younger girls get better parts than all the seniors we will quit ballet company. I am not going to let some 7th grader be repunzel while I am a tree. Nuh-uh!

Not to mention that their dances are so much better than ours. Not because they are better dancers than us, but because their choreography is so much more complex and better than ours. We had done remakes of dances every single year that I have danced with this group. Their class has gotten brand new, cool, fun dances every single time! It is not fair on any level. I am pretty sick of it!

Sorry, but I just had to get all of that out. Call me jealous, I just want things to be fair. 

P.S. Thanks for putting up with my venting! 🙂

Leave a comment! Do you think it is unfair or is it just jealously? 

Happy Holidays!

SoOoOoOo…..some of you guys may have noticed I haven’t published very often lately and I apologize for that! I have just been so busy with the upcoming holidays! I have been decorating, warapping, cooking, planning, making phone calls, and so much more! My huge family is getting together at a new house this year so we are trying to make sure nothing goes out of place. This is going to be me and my boyfriend’s first Christmas together. I am so excited! My 5 christmas trees are up in my house, the stockings are hung, the table lined with christmas chair covers, table cloth, and placemats, and all the garland is pretty much everywhere. I love Christmas! Presents are underneath the tree waiting to be opened. Lights twinking in every window. I am just so excited! I hope every has a safe and fun holiday!! 

Merry Christmas & A Happy New Year! 🙂


My exam schedule is stupid. Plain & simple.

It is that time of the year. Exams. I dread them so very much. My exam schedule is not helping either! First, we don’t even take them until after we get back from Christmas break, which is completely ridiculous. I don’t want to worry about school every single day of my holiday break. Also I don’t want to forget anything! I want the information that I need for the test to be fresh in my mind. Yes, we get a week of review before exam week. However, there is only so much you can do in a week. Second, the exams themselves are completely different. Teachers have grown used to how the final exam questions are, secret tips and tricks, etc. However, this year the exams are totally different. They are suppose to be more challenging and more based on trying to see if you truly understand the material. Yeah, okay. It’s called ¨common core¨ but there is nothing common about it. It is pretty awful. Most of it is confusing word problems. I don’t like it one bit. Not to mention that it is getting harder and harder to exempt exams. Which is what I usually go for. So this exam season ought to be an interesting one for sure…..

P.S. Thanks for putting up with my venting! 🙂

How are your exams? Any recent changes in your school system for exams? Let me know in the comments 🙂 

Tree :)

Tree :)

My christmas tree in my room! It’s pink with pink lights, white garland, white, purple, and blue ball ornaments, snowflake ornaments, and dangling crystals. Of course, the angel of top is lit. 🙂 Hope yáll enjoy!



I try to keep up my grades the best I can. I really do. I probably care a little too much actually. I am very stressed when it comes to grades. I worry about them constantly. So it bothers me like nothing else if a teacher doesn’t keep the students updated on what their current grades are. I like the ¨canvas” system my school has. It is an online system that we use on our chromebooks where we can turn in assignments, get inofrmation, and check our grades. I check it every single day about 100 times. I am one of those people that freak out over a B. I like to get As and As only. Yes, I am a huge perfectionist. It isn’t too good for my health, but I get good grades. I am one of those nerds that stays up to 2am doing homework and studying 😛 Oh well! Haha just thought I share that today. 

Sorry I haven’t posted in a while been busy decorating! 

Might post pictures of my christmas tree later 🙂 



For once this is actually a pretty happy post 😛
I love music sooo much. I just thought that maybe I would share that love with you. I am like basically all types of music (except maybe bluegrass). I listen to rock with my dad, dubstep with my brother, pop with my mom, and I personally love country and pop, and some rap. I LOVE EMINEM! I like his old stuff better than some of his new stuff but I still love him. I also love Miranda Lambert, Linkin Park, Lana Del Ray, NIN, etc. I listen to music all of the time. I listen to it doing homework, in the shower, doing the dishes, getting ready in the morning, etc. I think life would be boring without it. Of course, music is a big part of dance. Without music what would we dance to? Personally my favorite types of music to dance to is very upbeat songs or songs with a deep meaning. I want to dance to the song Gravity! I am not sure why, bbut when I am in a bad mood I listen to rock, when I am sad I will listen to contemporary, and when I am happy I listen to pop. I guess I just have to be in a certain mood for certain music.

When do you listen to music?
What type of music do you like to listen to?
Let me know in the comments 🙂 Happy Thursday!


Is a 6 page packet front & back seriously necessary? Not in one night! I do believe that teachers these days think we don’t have lives outside school! Too much homework is proven to increase stress, create depression, and actually lower grades. I believe that a little homework is probably good for you, but that it should just include studying & maybe 1 worksheet. THAT IS IT. I don’t want to go home and spend 4 hours just doing homework. That is insane. For tonight I have a quote I have to write about, a 6 page packet front & back, and a worksheet in geometry. NO. Why? What am I going to learn from cramming, rushing, and not even paying close attention to what is actually on the sheets because I am focused on just trying to finish it. Teachers need to moderate the homework. We have other classes too! And lives! I love how the school system wants us to get involved but when we do, we are punished for not doing our homework because we are at afterschool events and activities. Sports are an important part of school, not the most important part, but still important. The teachers need to take into account how much work they are giving to those who are active in the school. I just want less homework. I just want less stress! 

P.S. Thanks for putting up with my venting! 🙂

Have you ever had a crazy amount of homework?


My Workout :)

Just in case some of y’all wanted to know……..

Here is my workout!!

*AMRAP means (As Many Reps As Possible)

  1. Stretch & warm-up
  2. AMRAP push-ups in 1min
  3. AMRAP sit-ups in 1min
  4. 1min plank
  5. 1min wall sit
  6. 30 sec plank
  7. 40 sumo squats
  8. 40 normal squats
  9. 25 curls (both sides)
  10. 25 tricep dips
  11. 30 sec plank
  12. 1min wall sit
  13. 1min plank
  14. AMRAP sit-ups in 1min
  15. AMRAP push-ups in 1min
  16. cool down

Drink plenty of water, rest when needed, and take it as slow as you want. I usually do it about 3 times a week. You can use light or heavier weights. (Girls- I suggest a 3lb weight in both hands)

And…..that’s it! You can tweak it or change the reps. Just throwing it out there 🙂


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