For once this is actually a pretty happy post 😛
I love music sooo much. I just thought that maybe I would share that love with you. I am like basically all types of music (except maybe bluegrass). I listen to rock with my dad, dubstep with my brother, pop with my mom, and I personally love country and pop, and some rap. I LOVE EMINEM! I like his old stuff better than some of his new stuff but I still love him. I also love Miranda Lambert, Linkin Park, Lana Del Ray, NIN, etc. I listen to music all of the time. I listen to it doing homework, in the shower, doing the dishes, getting ready in the morning, etc. I think life would be boring without it. Of course, music is a big part of dance. Without music what would we dance to? Personally my favorite types of music to dance to is very upbeat songs or songs with a deep meaning. I want to dance to the song Gravity! I am not sure why, bbut when I am in a bad mood I listen to rock, when I am sad I will listen to contemporary, and when I am happy I listen to pop. I guess I just have to be in a certain mood for certain music.

When do you listen to music?
What type of music do you like to listen to?
Let me know in the comments 🙂 Happy Thursday!


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