I try to keep up my grades the best I can. I really do. I probably care a little too much actually. I am very stressed when it comes to grades. I worry about them constantly. So it bothers me like nothing else if a teacher doesn’t keep the students updated on what their current grades are. I like the ¨canvas” system my school has. It is an online system that we use on our chromebooks where we can turn in assignments, get inofrmation, and check our grades. I check it every single day about 100 times. I am one of those people that freak out over a B. I like to get As and As only. Yes, I am a huge perfectionist. It isn’t too good for my health, but I get good grades. I am one of those nerds that stays up to 2am doing homework and studying 😛 Oh well! Haha just thought I share that today. 

Sorry I haven’t posted in a while been busy decorating! 

Might post pictures of my christmas tree later 🙂 



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