I sincerely despise favoritism. So much. & when it comes to dance, I am not the one to fool around. 

So I am not trying to rat out my dance teacher. She is nice and has good choreography. However, she favors the class below me so much more than my class. It is so obvious too! She doesn’t even try to hide it! For example, their class almost every single person has 2 or more small group dances on top of the 3 or 4 group dances for competition. There is only one girl in my class that has 2 small groups (and it happens to be a duet with one of the girl in the younger class). I believe that is totally unfair. Like we have been here longer & work harder than they do! Grated they are really good dancers, but they still have so much time to dance and do competitions. We don’t!

We had ballet compay auditions this past week and the class below me got to practice the audition dances during their normal ballet class, and we didn’t! They knew the dances better than us because they got more class time to do them! That made pretty much everyone in my class steaming mad. including me! I believe the senior should have the best roles, not eighth graders. My class has agreed that if the younger girls get better parts than all the seniors we will quit ballet company. I am not going to let some 7th grader be repunzel while I am a tree. Nuh-uh!

Not to mention that their dances are so much better than ours. Not because they are better dancers than us, but because their choreography is so much more complex and better than ours. We had done remakes of dances every single year that I have danced with this group. Their class has gotten brand new, cool, fun dances every single time! It is not fair on any level. I am pretty sick of it!

Sorry, but I just had to get all of that out. Call me jealous, I just want things to be fair. 

P.S. Thanks for putting up with my venting! 🙂

Leave a comment! Do you think it is unfair or is it just jealously? 


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  1. mikimayla
    Dec 21, 2013 @ 01:36:55

    It is totally unfair! That is the same with my dance group. Whenever we get a dance, it is always the OLDER group that has the most parts in the song that we share. On top of that, whenever we dance as a group, they are DIRECTLY in front of us! True, they are better at remembering the dances, but still… Things aren’t fair! (Lol, I sound like a toddler) Btw, you are a great blogger and I really like reading your posts!



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