Late Late Nights

Well tonight is one of those nights where everything seems to hit me in the face all at once. So… sleep, tons of working, endless thoughts, millions of scenarios, and so much more……….

So exams for my High School are next week. So you think teachers would give less homework so that we have more time to study, right? WRONG. I have never had so much homework in my life! I am staying up till like 3 or 4 in the morning copying notes, worksheets, labs, studying, making flashcards, and God only knows what else. It is only stressing me the heck out. I have so much going on already with dance, rotc, and family drama. I need some sleep! Oh well. 

I think it is funny when school systems tell the students that it is so important to get plenty of sleep. When they give us 4 hours of homework and then study time. Oh and be involved with sports and clubs. That takes energy away and takes time away to do homework. Then they say ¨Don’t forget to eat a good breakfast!¨ When we have to be at school at 7:47 in the morning making us wake up at 6AM. So to get our full 8 hours of sleep we sleep in late and then get late to school. My favorite is when they say, ¨High School will be the greatest years of your life!¨ HAHA NO. Bullying, cheating, heartbreak, stress, stress, work, crappy food, fake friends, backstabbers, unimportant math formulas, useless science trivia, and learning about guys who died hundreds of thousands of years ago does not sound like fun to me. Maybe that is just me. Not to mention some perverted teachers! Seriously teachers should have to go through pysch evaluations before being appointed. 

So this is to the people up late at night & to the ones pulling an allnighter. Cheers folks. 

P.S. Thanks for putting up with my venting 🙂


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