Mini Cooper Letter

(This was a letter I had to write to my English 2 Honors teacher talking about myself from the point of view from another person/thing)

Words from the Cooper


January 24th, 2014


Dear Ms.Barrier,


Hello Ms.Barrier! I know we have not met, but I would love to tell you about Kaylin! I am Kaylin’s Mini Cooper. Me and Kaylin have been together for a couple months now. She takes super good care of me! She gives me a bath about once a month. She vacuums out my floormats about once a month. She loves me! We hangout a lot. Sometimes we will spend hours together looking at sunsets and pretty skies, fields of flowers and tobacco, or downtown Reidsville or Greensboro’s lights. I enjoy when she decides to take me out for a ride. She doesn’t push me too hard like her brother and father do. She is really nice and easy. You may not know it yet but Kaylin is kind of like that all the time! She is pretty laid-back, although for some reason she has like perfect posture when she is behind my wheel, and is really nice and caring. If she wasn’t caring I would probably be in pretty rough shape.


One time while we were riding along somewhere in Eden, Kaylin’s favorite song came on and we had such a blast! She was singing as best as she could! She would also dance, because I am sure you know she loves to dance! It was White Walls by Macklemore. So she was rapping and just being herself! It seems sometimes that the only time that she is herself is when she is alone with me or with her friend Chris. I think he is her boyfriend. Although, I am not really sure how that works because she calls me ¨Baby¨ all the time. I guess that is my name now! It is either ¨Baby¨ or ¨Mini¨. I like having a name.


Anyway, back to what I was saying about her only being herself when she is alone with me. She is quite the people (and car) pleaser. She loves taking care of other people, but at the same time I know she hates being used by the people she has helped. She has actually cried a couple times with me when she talks about her feelings and thoughts while we cruise through the backroads. That is her favorite place; the countryside. She always talks about how pretty it is. Especially during the sunrises and sunsets.


One time we went riding without her parents knowing. She said she just had to get away. The sun was just about to set. It was a little warm outside so she had both of my sunroofs open to the darkening sky. She parked next to this big field near Chris’ house. She just sat there in the seat playing ¨Bump¨ by Ed Sheeran. She cried, but it was so soft and gentle you almost couldn’t tell. I think that is why me and Kaylin are so close. She can trust me with anything! I love riding around with her when she gets to singing, talking, and dancing.  


I hope you come to appreciate Kaylin like I do! She is such a sweet and kind girl, but like most teeagers these days have to deal with so much peer pressure and stress. I know she doesn’t talk a lot and keeps to herself, but she will open up soon enough. She has got past experiences that make her this way, but from what she has told me about you, I believe she will really like you and your class!





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