What object defines you?

What object defines you? When you are trying to tell someone more about who you are, what object might you say is similar to you?

My object is an old pointe shoe. I am worn and kind of beaten up but I still work hard and do my job. Some people like me and some people hate me. I love to dance and express myself in my dance. I get used, but most of the time for a better purpose. I love to feel the music and go through the motions. I am a real piece of work sometimes but other times I may seem that I am just in my own world. Just me, the dance floor, the music, and my feelings. Eventually, there will come a time when I  am no longer useable. I will then be hung on a wall or stashed away as nothing but a memory. Then I will hang from a spot and watch as others love, hate, and live their lives. Knowing, that I have served my purpose, however my time is up.

What is your object? And why do you feel that it describes who you are? Let me know in the comments! 🙂


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