Perfect Teacher

So this was a bell ringer for my English 2 honors class on January 24th. We had to write a paragraph on what we would describe our ¨perfect¨ as. Funny? Smart? Organized? This is what I came up with….

The perfect teacher for me would be someone who is very nice and respectful. Not someone who is so laid-back that I am not going to learn anything, but still is not super strict or too demanding. I want a teacher who has high expectations but still realizes that we are just now learning about the subject. The personality of the teacher should be outgoing and funny. One who is organized and neat but again, not super strict or demanding. I would like my teacher to be interested in the subject he/she is teaching. She/He shouldn’t be a bore in class just because they have no particular drive or interest in the subject. Also I would like for the teacher to be interested in our futures and our well being. Give us some life tips along with the lesson. Maybe somehow incorporate what we are currently going through. He/She must respect that we have lives. That the teacher won’t give us three hours of homework every night but maybe a review sheet of what we went over that day. Too much homework is stress and pure nonsense. I want a teacher who is very involved in the school as well. I feel that a teacher with good school spirit and support of athletics will make he/she understand more of what we are going through. Finally, the teacher should run the classroom neatly and very well organized. I would like a schedule of what we are doing today posted somewhere, what our homework is posted, and materials and objects labeled and noticeable. I would love for the classroom to feel homey. A decorated classroom with collages of his/her life and memories would let us know she is willing to let us know who he/she is. I also love colors so the classroom can feel vibrant and lively. I don’t want my classroom feeling like a prison. That, to me, would be my perfect teacher.

What did you think? Did you agree/disagree? Let me know in the comments!

Hoped you liked my post 🙂


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  1. mikimayla
    Feb 12, 2014 @ 02:59:54

    I totally agree! Thankfully, I once had a teacher who was all of these things. It was the best year of my life. It is amazing how something so small can impact the way you feel and act for the longest time. 🙂 Keep posting, I love your stories!


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