My Perfect Day

I know I had written before ¨My Perfect Teacher¨ but now I want to tell you what I would describe as a perfect day. I hope you enjoy 🙂

My perfect day would be sunny. One of those days that isn’t too warm or isn’t too cold. A day where I could wear my favorite outift; shorts, tank top, cardigan, and flip flops! I would loosely curl my hair and only put on minimal make up. I wouldn’t worry about how people would judge how I looked or how my outfit was. I would feel beautiful and pretty. 

If I had school it would be an easy day. No tests I would stress over or pop quizzes to get worried about. My algebra 2 class we would just do some few notes and watch youtube. In my civics class we would take a nap and stuff our faces with doughnuts. My psychology class would be a discussion day. Anything we would talk about anything and everything that came to our mind, no matter how random it would be. In my english 2 class we would free write. I love free writing! Going off of prompt that I could relate to is my perfect class. At lunch I would actually have friends and my boyfriend to eat with. Not sit by myself and occasionally saying ¨hey¨ to some old friend passing by as I eat just my plain sandwich and drink a bottle of water. 

If I didn’t have school I would probably wear something comfortable, most likely yoga pants and a tank top. Just wear my hair naturally and wear only mascara. I wouldn’t care what anyone said about how I looked. I wouldn’t have to do any chores or projects. My boyfriend would come over and we would snuggle on the couch and watch movies or NCIS all day. Me and him would pig out on cordon bleu and sweet tea. For dinner we would order chinese. 

But if we just had to go to school we would get out early and go out to Monterray’s (a little mexican resturant in my town) and get ACP. I would have a competition with my boyfriend to see who could drink the most sweet tea. I would spend the rest of my day with my boyfriend and cuddle and watch movies. I would go to dance and do improv for as long as I could. Just to get a chance to dance however I want to and to get out any emotion I happen to be feeling is just amazing. Then to come home and see my boyfriend and my family. We would watch a movie together and eat supper at the dining room table. It would be lasagna, mashed potatoes and corn. For dessert we would have some cake or some sort of icecream sundae. 

I would be happy. My emotion for the entire day would be carefree and unstressed. I wouldn’t be my worried, lonesome self that I have most days. Now today happened to be a pretty good day, but this day that I just described would be perfect. 


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