Dancing Shoes

Dancing Shoes

Who knew that just one pair of pointe shoes could mean so much to me? The toughest pair of silk and wood I would ever wear. My very first pair of these ballet shoes will forever be something special to me and my dance. Not only are they beautiful, they show my dedication and strive to get through the worst situations. My first pair of pointe shoes may be worn, but they are my daily reminder to prove those who doubt me wrong.

To any person who is not a dancer or familiar with dance, my pointe shoes would look dirty and gross. However, to a dancer my pointe shoes show hard work, lots of practice, and determination. My ribbons are frayed and wrinkled. The peach colored silk is now faded and torn. The boxes of both shoes are softened and less durable than before. My arches are broken and worn out by so much use. They smell of sweat and feet, gross I know, but who deliberately would smell dance shoes? They still make those soft, pinpoint sounds when they strike the floor. The silk on the outside covering most of the shoe is smooth other than a few sections where the silk is coming apart. The pink thread that does not match the color of the silk is slowly unraveling. My pointe shoes may be worn out and used up, but they still are showing all of the work I put into them as well as my dedication and determination.

I was looking at my pointe shoes a few nights after my big performance. They were definitely showing their wear and tear at this point. The silk was hanging off and my ribbons were holding on by only a few threads. I took them out of my large black dance bag and instantly got a whiff of all of the blood, sweat and tears I put into that dance season. Now that the box that once held all of my weight is soft and the arch is too bendable I can not safely use them. I was sad. They were my very first pair of pointe shoes. The big step I took from just being a typical ballet dancer. I knew they had done their job. They will always be very special to me. My first pair is unique in its own way and very memorable. It’s once beautiful and different peach color that only I had is now either faded or turned to black. They may have lost their shine, but those pointe shoes will always remind me of what I have accomplished.

I feel that in my life I have not really accomplished anything that was super remarkable or scrapbook worthy, then I got my first pair. My pointe shoes are not just any pair of shoes. They remind me of what I have accomplished not only in class, but in my dance career. In dance, I always thought that I wasn’t good enough. However, I put those shoes on and started to dance. I felt a different kind of confidence. That was the moment in which I realized that I could be as good as the senior girls. They were so strong and beautiful. Now, they hang in my room as a daily reminder that I can do whatever I put my mind to. Even though at first I thought I could never do it, that I was never going to be good enough, I tried. That was the first real time that I overcame such a big self confidence and fear obstacle. My pointe shoes show all of that dedication I have towards my sport. Blood, sweat, and tears were poured into those shoes. I loved that new kid of confidence boost whenever I put them on. I have had multiple pairs since that very first pair, but the shoes that showed me that I could do anything will always hold a very special place in my heart. I proved all of those who doubted me wrong with those shoes.

My very first pair of pointe shoes is so special to me. They might look nasty and disgusting on the outside, but the meaning and what they represent to me really shines through. They gave me the confidence and motivation I needed to excel and improve in dance. I worked so hard and put all my heart and soul into dance only to show for one night. Those shoes were with me through every step, turn, and leap I took. My first pair of pointe shoes may be worn, but they are my motivation to prove those who doubt me wrong. My motivation to prove to everyone who doubted me in my dance is represented by my worn pointe shoes.


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