Vent Session

Oh my gosh I can not even start on how much I hate drama. It is awful, yet you just can’t seem to get through high school without it.

Everyone makes mistakes! Can’t people understand that? There is only one person who has ever walked this earth that didn’t sin and we all know who that was, NOT YOU! I don’t understand why people have to stick their noses into all of the business they can find. It truly isn’t fair.

For example, I did something so so so very stupid this past summer. (Not getting into details) It created a whole bunch of drama and it was miserable. It was so bad I would cry every night for about a week. Peer pressure get to me so easily, that is why I got into the whole mess. I was a victim! But of course horny teenage boys with nothing better to do didn’t see it that way. They always try to make it into something sooo much worse. I hate boys sometimes. Anyway, I got a ¨DM¨ on instagram yesterday. Some horny teenage boy with nothing better to do brought it up again! PEOPLE summer was like half a year ago. PLEASE let it go. I went off, I just couldn’t contain my anger and frustration. I think I taught that boy a lesson. (Of course, never play fire with fire. Try not to cuss somebody out) However, I was just completely over the situation.

So there would be so much less drama if people would just ask straight up instead of asking their buddy, then their buddy asking their buddy, then that buddy asking their other buddy! That is how rumors start. If you hear something about someone that neither you or whoever told you can prove just ask the person! They might be offended, or perhaps angry, but in the long run they would appreciate that you didn’t just start spreading around something that wasn’t true. And if you hear something, and you ask the person it is about if it’s true and they say yes? Well first off that can make an awkward situation. But you could maybe help that person! You can find out the back story to their situation. The back story to every rumor could really just change your viewpoint on it entirely. For example, you hear a girl in school is pregnant. You ask the girl if she is and she says yes! From that point she can confide in you, and give you insight about why, or who, or how, whatever! Or she might say she doesn’t want to talk about it. In that case just walk away, because no one likes every single person being up in all of their business. Unless you are an extreme attention seeker. However, she might tell you she was raped. That completely changes your look on the rumor doesn’t it? It wasn’t her fault why should you be making fun of her, or mocking her, or just spreading those misleading rumors about her?

That is the problem with drama. Everyone can take it a different way. Teenagers especially can use their imaginations that can put a spin on pretty much anything. The drama starters in school are the ones who make possibly something so innocent into the devil’s work with just a change of a few words. Be careful who you listen to, what you say, and what you believe is true. People lie! But also people make mistakes. Try not to judge your peers or people around you. Drama is drama.

P.S. Thank for putting up with my venting! 🙂


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  1. ch4r13y6
    Feb 19, 2014 @ 16:51:50

    This is sooo true. I understand what your saying and I have had the same situation at school but in my experience it all changes at college and there is less of it from the 5 months I have been at college


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