Dance Competitions

The smell of hairspray in the air, the low supply of tights and hair bows in stores, make-up and costumes piled in boxes, and dancers dancing is upon us. It is competition season.

Dance is a super competitive sport. If you disagree you obviously haven’t been to a dance competition. I love them! Elaborate costumes, different style make-up, new and old dance moves, and meeting new people is my favorite part. The dances you see can be so very different! Each studio has something new to bring. The first years are always super nervous (of course I don’t think the nerves ever truly go away). And of course the dancing! The chance to put all of your heart and soul into something you love on that stage is truly amazing. I am so inspired by some of the beautiful dances people leave out on that stage. If you have never been to one I strongly suggest going! 🙂

It isn’t all glitz and glam. There is a lot of preparation before these competitions. Months of practices, rehearsals, dress rehearsals, auditions, and learning all have to happen to create a good dance. Also that hair and make-up might look good on stage but up close putting all of that on is quite difficult. To get everyone’s to look somewhat similar and in time for the next dance is a challenge. Not to mention quick costume changes that might include changing the overall piece, tights, and undergarments. It is not easy to take off tights when you are sweaty, trust me!! On top of that, you most likely have to change hair as well. From ponytails, buns, braids, and pretty much anything you can think of has been done for a routine. Those hair styles usually have different heights and accessories that go along with them such as a high ponytail versus a low ponytail. Everyone needs to look as uniform as possible.

There can be a lot of stress and anxiety involved with these competitions as well. I often have shakes and nervous thoughts about messing up, falling, or forgetting my choreography. Many dancers have the stress of bad hair day or just uncooperating costumes or accessories. It happens all the time. Those smiles on stage are not always true! Sometimes super competitive dancers (such as me) lose sight of the true representation of these events. It is to have fun! Enjoy yourself! We get too carried away worrying about awards and trophies rather than having a blast.

That brings up another point in competitions. Awards. The awards are always at the end of maybe an age group or at the very end of the competition itself. There are thousands of different scales and names for the system. I have been to competitions where they went on a scale from gold being the lowest and double platinum being the highest. You just never know! Most competitions have anywhere from 3-5 judges that write final scores on paper. Some have recorded voice corrections and tips that the judges give or videos along with the final scores with corrections listed. It really just depends on the competition.

Dance competitions are great entertainment. To see young girls and boys doing something they love is always a grand thing. I am really proud and excited to be a part of a competition team. My first competition is actually this Saturday March 1st! I am very excited. The first competition is always the one with the most nerves. But a lot of motivation and adreniline is also involved! I hope that if you get the chance to attend a dance competition you’ll go. It really is quite an experience and you will probably give more respect to those hard working dancers!

Would you go to a dance competition? Do you think you would enjoy it? Let me know in the comments! 🙂

Happy Dancing! 🙂


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